Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Indoor Activities

Letzhop has always believed in children's learning by playing and fine motor play as we think that these methods are not only fun to do, it gets our kids to learn about things differently. 

There are a lot of interesting plays that we often do with the children and if you have been following Letzhop's programs, we incorporate the games for the plays using all kinds of materials that are easy to get at home. Main materials that we use are recyclable items like the toilet rolls, plastic bottles, glass jars, egg cartons and many more. 

The plays that we love most in class will be the arts and crafts play - which the children are expected to get messy and use 100% grip of their motor skills.  According to Professor Fergus P. Huges, play is the most natural of childhood activities and one of the most frequently observed (Spontaneous play in the 21st century, 2003)

He listed three criteria that may help to define play as freedom of choice, personal enjoyment and focus is on the activity itself rather than its outcomes. These three criteria are the foundational to the play process and in connecting children’s development with their learning. Building on these
foundations of play are the characteristics of play. 

Similar to Hughes, Letzhop also believe that the characteristics of play of self-directed, self-selected, enjoyable, flexible and motivating will let the children to develop more meaningful learning.

If you are wondering the kind of activities that you could do with your children (at home or school), we are sharing here with you some interesting play websites that we adapt from to offer to our children at Letzhop!

  1. http://www.teach-me-mommy.com/2014/02/fine-motor-play-from-recyclables.html
  2. http://www.toddlerapproved.com/search?q=Mom+and+Tot+Craft+Time
  3. http://www.howweelearn.com/create/art-activities-for-big-kids/
  4. http://lemonlimeadventures.com/category/sensory-play/

Have fun playing and making crafts with your kids!

Authored by,
Adibah Mutalib
English Master Trainer

Hughes, F. (2003). Spontaneous play in the 21st century. In O. Saracho & B. Spodek (Eds.), Contemporary perspectives on play in early childhood education (pp. 21-40). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

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