Monday, 17 November 2014

A New Journey at Letzhop

I started searching for a job immediately after I graduated in August, 2014. Previously, I studied in Diploma in Early Childhood Education at the Methodist College, Brickfields. I have always loved children and teaching. This is about the start of a journey of a my career at Letzhop Bandar Botanic, Klang.

The reason why I enjoy teaching here the most is that the educational content provided itself. The curriculum follows a structured and holistic approach of learning in which child-friendly topics are introduced in class together with the supporting media of songs and videos as well as the interactive activities that are easily accessed on the interactive, touch panel screen. Here at Letzhop, the students are taught on the body parts, how to dress up, the types of food and even how to make friends with the help of teaching tools like the songs and videos from the Sesame Street TV Program where you can find the cute and furry Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster and Grover! The characters seem to have helped to enlighten up the learning mood in class.

Another factor that will surely make everyone including the teachers love the lessons in class is the adorable puppets or muppets! A different and unique approach of getting the students to get engaged with the lesson taught in class - a way of instilling the love to search for new things and knowledge in children.

The centre where I am working now offers English Language Learning program for children from 3 to 12 years old but I am assigned mainly to teach the K1 to K3 (3 to 6 years old) students. In the past four months of my teaching period over here, I have come across many children with distinct characteristics - some are quite difficult and the others are rather easy to handle. I must say, a teacher with zero experience and passion for teaching, may find the job stressful. As for myself, I would usually take up a breathe once in a while and think of all the positive things around me so that I could build up again an enthusiastic energy and fun vibes the next time I see the kids.

I started off my journey at Letzhop as a part time educator for a month or two. Then, I decided that I would take up the full time teaching while furthering my studies next year (2015). Here at Letzhop, my career path is not only channeled into teaching the students per say, I am also involved in planning and preparing the lessons, keeping the centre neat and clean, as well as ensuring the students' safety inside the centre's premise.

Other than the main job responsibilities, I enjoy the most preparing and planning for a story-telling class for the students who are attending the school holiday program. During the planning, I could only foresee what is to be expected during the class but once the program is executed, and the students are having fun, learning a lot from the program I planned, it made me feel good and relieved. Due to that, my motivation to be more involved with the students' learning increases quite tremendously. I look forward to this kind of task every time I am asked by the principal - this will look very good in my Resume, definitely! Another interesting opportunity that I get, working at Letzhop is that I can be part of the promotional activities of the centre. This is rather new to me as I am to entertain parents' inquiries about the programs offered at the centre. However, it seems quite easy to do since I am just informing the parents about all of the great things about the lessons and activities done here with the children. It is like telling another person, the good things about the product you are taking or using and you would be rather happy that they agree with you. Another advantage that I could add to my experience.

My journey as a teacher here at Letzhop gets more and more interesting when there will be times that when the students are the ones who constantly inspiring me when it's my job in the first place to do so. They inspire me in so many ways - to look at life in a different perspective and for that, I have truly believed in the say, when you teach, you learn even more from the learners. Phillip Di Bella once quoted;

Passion is the one thing experience can't teach.

It is true indeed that teaching is an intense endeavor and yet one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever encountered in life. 

Authored by,
Teacher Khavittraran 

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