Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Understanding the Children’s Learning Styles

Children are born with different kinds of learning styles. The education experts suggested that the learning styles are grouped into auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. The experts said that 80 percent of what we learn is through our vision. Children of this style are drawn to paintings, craft and other arts. They also have a wonderful sense of imagination and are known to be very creative (Fiona Baker, n.d.). Visual learners learn more through matured and developed reading skills from books, and visual materials like flashcards.

Here at Letzhop, we teach children to learn through watching videos of topic related and content-based in order to help them to read and understand reading better. It is believed that visual and auditory learning styles to be the most dominant and many traditional classrooms are geared with such styles and suitable to cater to our visual learners (Fiona Baker, n.d.). As a teacher, we agree that for the children learning to make sense, they need to be able to see, visualise and illustrate their knowledge skills and concepts. We see our children here improve day by day. Visual and auditory learning styles motivate the children to enjoy reading and recognizing the letters or words. Visual learners will eventually get motivated to read more with stimulating reading skills games prepared by the teachers.

A sample of a game reading activity we did with our children at Letzhop, bring a hat (like a magician hat) into the class and hide as many words flashcards related to the story or topic learned during the day. The teacher says the word, “abracadabra!” and take out one card, show the card to the children and invite them to say the word aloud. This leads the children to read and the activity is later repeated, but teacher picks one of the children to say the magic word and pick a card from the hat. Let the child leads the class and this activity will encourage others to read along. The flashcards used as the visual materials attract the children’s interest and something for them to look forward to every time it is reading class!

Better learning is acquired by the children at Letzhop via matured and developed reading skills and attractive learning materials like flashcards. However, it is still important to acknowledge the children’s best learning behaviours, whether they are visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners. When parents or teachers know their children’s best way to learn, learning would be easier and more effective for the child.

Authored by,
Teacher Ila & Teacher Anem
LETZHOP Bandar Baru Bangi

Baker, F. (n.d.). Mum's School Zone. Retrieved August 22, 2014, from kidspot: http://www.kidspot.com.au/schoolzone/Learning-Learning-styles-Visual-learning-style-in-children+4086+391+article.htm

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