Be A Part Of Our Aspiring Team

We are looking to award partnership to a selected group of qualified individuals. You might be among them. To begin your entrepreneurship success with us, just follow these easy steps:

1) Contact Us

Contact us at to ask us questions you may have and to further discuss bringing a Letzhop Mind Enrichment Centre to your area.

2) Complete The Application

Complete the Partnership Application Form and return it to our office. Submitting this form will not obligate you, and all information is held in strict confidence. We will review your application and respond to you with recommendations on how to proceed.

3) Visit Our Centre 

After your application has been approved, we will invite you to visit one of our learning centres so you can observe an operating Letzhop. This visit should be scheduled through our office.

4) Make the Decision

When you have done your homework, make your decision. Should you be interested to officiate our collaboration, we will prepare an offer letter to proceed with the partnership.

For Bumiputera partners, we can help you to obtain business financing facilities up RM300k. We are committed to help you through this entire process and will help you open your LetzHop™ Sesame Street English successfully.

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