Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Our Little Letzhop VIPs

Hello. It is my turn again to come out with an article for your reading. I hope this article will be beneficial to all readers. This time I would like to share about my experience with Letzhop children. 

I would like to let you know how I get my interest in teaching. I really admire teaching since I am in primary school. I always believe all the teachers are brilliant because they are able to produce successful doctors, engineers, pilots, officers, business persons, and eventually a useful human being! For that, I have the biggest respect of their career and wish to become a passionate teacher myself. 

Here at Letzhop, I am officially a teacher for these wonderful kids. We always hear that teaching younger kids are tough. However, I take that as a challenge! Although teaching and nurturing them is a huge responsibility, I still find it interesting and fun. How can we resist from their laughter and cute smile? The difficulty I encounter whenever I am teaching them seems to disappear when I get to hear them giggle and having lots of fun in class. 

My passion grows every day as I see their innocent faces at school. There will be times when they are just difficult to deal with (our little VIPs), they argue with one another and cry when they don't get what they want - but that is solved quickly with a little bit of love and attention from a teacher. 

When dealing with our little VIPs I always make sure to remember that they are just innocent and they are not matured enough to think or do things like an adult. Hence our job as a teacher to assist and guide them as well as to nurture them with patience about how to do things. As a teacher, I make sure that the children are familiar with a routine (when going to the toilet, washing hands before and after eating, and even on how to greet their friends at school). 

Apart from that, you will see the children running around, picking on their friends or even taking other children's pencils/toys. This is the part where my role as a teacher comes in - to mould on good, positive behaviors in them. Manners, the dos and don’ts, and a whole lot more other things that I need to consider when I am called a teacher. 

Now, why am I doing all these and not just teach everything there is in the book again? 

That is definitely because to me, children are like gold, you won't get it as clean as the ones you see on the shelves. You need to wash, clean and polish it - so that it could shine.

Show and tell the children the way to do things, they will surely do wonders. 

Authored by,
Teacher Zeeda,
LETZHOP Bukit Jalil

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