Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nature-loving generation

Children and nature goes together like peanut butter and jelly, don’t they? I am one of those who love both!

Getting in contact with nature may be a source of wonder and inspiration for all, especially children. It is also rather essential to the children’s development of health and sense of spirituality. At Letzhop, we encourage them to love and appreciate the Mother Nature and one of the ways to get them to do that is by bringing them closer to nature. Letzhop has organized a field trip to the Farm in The City, Seri Kembangan on 11 September 2014.

Our one day trip gave our children the opportunity to touch and experience the various species of animals and plants. They were given the chance to feed and pet the animals available at the farm. They got pretty excited especially when they got to touch big and small animals like a deer, a rabbit and the guinea pigs.

Back from the trip, the children shared a lot of insightful info that they gathered from the farm. You may probably think that they were all fun and play with the animals but what I did not realize was that when our children mentioned about, how an Ostrich egg can hold up a man weighing up to 250 lbs without breaking the egg!

The field trip to the Farm in the City is not only allowing our children to just learn about the animals but to also appreciate the nature more. We hope to produce more children who will love the nature and eventually appreciate all this while they still can.

Authored by
Teacher Kartika and Teacher Hajar
Teachers, LETZHOP Shah Alam

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