Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fasting during Ramadhan at Letzhop

Ramadhan is a holy month where Muslims around the world gratefully celebrating it. During Ramadhan, Muslims fast and perform good deeds to seek forgiveness and blessing from Allah S.W.T. Fasting during Ramadhan means that one refrains from drinking or eating during the day after their Suhoor; in some interpretations Muslims also refrain from other behaviour which could be perceived as sinful such as swearing, engaging in disagreements, backbiting and procrastination. Fasting for Muslims during Ramadan typically includes the increased offering of solat (prayers) and recitation of the Al-Quran and last Ramadhan, our students at Letzhop were also fasting – some were trying to fast for the first time.

Fasting is fardh or obligatory for adult Muslims, except those who are suffering from an illness, travelling, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Young children are also not forced to fast but some parents who wish their children to practice to fast will usually encourage them to at least try for a day or two – we even have children who are not told to fast at all by their parents but still insist on trying to fast. Imagine that our 3 to 6 year old students who were really eager to practice fasting, they did not eat or drink when they were in school but they are still able to focus in class and join all the activities. We were very impressed with their determination. 

At Letzhop, the learning is mostly conducted by using the smart touch panel visuals and the fun is added with the Sesame Street English program with all of the Sesame Street characters delivering the day’s topic. What makes our students enjoy coming to school more is that learning is at Letzhop is made easier and fun altogether. Although they were fasting during the Ramadhan, their time of at Letzhop is filled with many fun activities and we did not have anyone being too tired or unproductive during that holy month. 

Here are pictures from an activity that they enjoyed the most during the last days of Ramadhan – making the Eid’s Hari Raya cards to be sent to their friends and family, wishing everyone dear to their hearts a great Eid celebration.

We made a Ketupat Hari Raya card

They wished to send their cards to their grandparents this year!

We would like to wish to all Muslims;
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilifitri and have a blissful and joyous Syawal!

Authored by,  
Teacher Hajar & Kartika

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